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VoIP business phone systems

How VoIP Phone Systems Keep Businesses “On the Grid” 24/7/365

One of the most critical objectives for all businesses — regardless of whether they are dynamic new startups or large established enterprises — is business continuity. That’s because productivity grinds to a halt when workers cannot instantly connect and collaborate, and customers who fail to reach their desired party — or who do not receive a prompt callback after leaving a message — are likely to head to a more responsive competitor. Indeed, business continuity is not just an important priority: it is a mission critical objective. Fortunately, that’s where VoIP phone systems enter the picture and make a transformative difference. Below, we highlight the key reasons how VoIP phone systems ensure business continuity, and keep businesses “on the grid” 24/7/365: Automatic Network Aggregation Automatic network aggregation enables seamless failover in the event of a local power outage — both…