Business Continuity With Hosted VoIP


There’s never a good time for down-time

With your business telephone system being your primary and first point of contact for most customers and vendors, there is never a good time for that system to be down, even when you have control over when that occurs. So, what are your organization’s options if that system goes down and goes down hard? Without some sort of backup system in place, your company runs the risk of losing new and existing customers and vendors. They may lose faith and trust in your company if they are unable to contact you. One solution to this quandary is to implement a cloud-based phone system business continuity plan from Carolina Digital. With a cloud-based PBX your system resides in our secure cloud, where we can provide redundancy and failover capabilities – so that you can communicate with your customers and suppliers – and stay in business.

The likelihood of experiencing a disaster – 50/50 or higher!

According to an article from Continuity Central, it is estimated that 80% of businesses that experience a major disaster go out of business within 18 months after the disaster. Are those odds your company is comfortable with? Most likely, I’m guessing the answer is ‘no’. I can speak from personal experience that wind, ice, snow, and other weather-related damage can and does occur to telecommunications equipment on a semi-regular basis. Power outages occur more frequently than you might think as well. Even with a good UPS, your onsite PBX can still sustain significant and possibly irrecoverable damage in these kinds of outages. These scenarios show the value of retaining a cloud-based PBX setup.

Hosted IP PBX service or digital phone service can help with business continuity.

When disaster strikes, wouldn’t it be great to know that your calls will be automatically redirected to an alternate number? Find out how to make it happen for your business with the Carolina Digital’s business fail-over feature. With a few easy clicks, it’s done in less than 60 seconds!

Keep Running No Matter What

A true phone system business continuation plan needs to be able to handle any kind of problem, no matter how big or small. Because Carolina Digital’s cloud-based PBX is hosted in our secure data center, it will stay up and running even if your site is down or inaccessible.