Register a Sales Lead

It is very important that each Company Sales Lead you might be working on be registered. Submitting this form will add the sales lead to the lead system will alert your Partner Manager of activity and will give him an opportunity to help you successfully close the deal. Al the end of this form please put your “Company Name and Your Name” both in this field. Once a Sales Lead is Registered your Partner Manager will contact you by email with a confirmation that the Sales Lead you are working on is not captured by another Reseller/Partner. Additionally this information helps verify serviceability.

All sales representative shall register sales leads at the website URL Sales representative shall not register a sales lead that has been registered by another sales representative within the last ninety (90) days. Sales representatives may only re-register a sales lead after the initial ninety (90) day time period with the prior approval of Carolina Digital Phone, Inc. Sales representatives shall not register any sales lead unless Representative intents to make a good faith effort to close a sale to that customer, including submission of a bid proposal to the customer, within ninety (90) days of registering the lead. Sales representatives shall have no right to any commissions on sales made in violation of these provisions. Violation of these provisions may lead to the immediate termination of sales representative’s right to sell any products or services of Carolina Digital Phone, Inc.