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Business PBX License Cost

Thirdlane Business PBX is an advanced IP PBX and a unified communications platform based on Asterisk® – the worlds most popular open source PBX engine.

Thirdlane Business PBX enhances Asterisk by adding powerful management tools and end-user applications, redunduncy and high availability, and ease of installation and maintenance.

While offering advanced functionality out-of-the-box, Thirdlane focuses on providing an open system that can be further enhanced by Thirdlane partners to meet the most demanding business requirements. With Thirdlane Business PBX, companies of any size have access to the features they need to be productive.

With over a decade of successful worldwide deployments, Thirdlane Business PBX is a cost-effective advanced unified communications solution offering all  the features of an enterprise-class PBX for businesses, both small and large.

Key features of Thirdlane Business PBX:

  • Easy and fast Installation. Thirdlane PBX can be installed in minutes – all the required components are included in a downloadable Linux distribution that can be installed directly on hardware or in a virtual environment.
  • Easy Maintenance. Updating or migrating Thirdlane Business PBX is equally easy – just say “yum update” and you will get all the required updates from operating system to the latest communications features we’ve implemented – your PBX will never be out of date.
  • Easy and fast PBX configuration. System wide templates and bulk provisioning of user extensions, routes and related devices greatly reduce PBX configuration time.
  • Easy Integration and Customization. Thirdlane unique script based approach offers Reseller Partners and customers a simple and powerful way to add new call processing features to the core PBX – while maintaining the ease of use and configuration through the Communications Manager – Thirdlane PBX web based GUI.
  • REST API for provisioning and management of Thirdlane PBX components and extending base functionality by creating custom applications. To use Thirdlane REST API developers can use any programming language capable of submitting secure HTTP requests..
  • Easy Administration. No special knowledge of Linux or Asterisk is required for day-to-day operations, so the management functions can be performed by regular staff.
  • Easy to Use for end-users. Each user gets access to the User Portal which provides simple web interface for managing their own settings, including access to directory, voice mail, call logs, call forwarding, follow-me, call screening and recording.
First Year Software License PRICE
Business PBX Maintenance – 25 extensions $150
Business PBX Maintenance – 50 extensions $150
Business PBX Maintenance – 100 extensions $225
Business PBX Maintenance – 250 extensions $350
Business PBX Maintenance – 500 extensions $600
Business PBX Maintenance – 1000 extensions $950
Business PBX Maintenance – 2000 extensions $1,350
Business PBX Maintenance – 1000 extensions $1,900
Business PBX Maintenance – 3000 extensions $2,500


Product Support Price
Carolina Digital Engineering Support – 1 Hour $200
Carolina Digital Engineering Support – 1 Hour $875
Carolina Digital Engineering Support – 1 Hour $1,500