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iOS App Android App for VoIP

Our Mobile App for iOS and Android Extends Our Hosted VoIP Solutions and Unified Communications (UC) to Your Team — Anytime, Anywhere and on Any Device

These days, workers spend much of their time away from their desk — and some of them never come into the office at all. Currently, 55% of workers telecommute full-time, and by the year 2020 this is expected to reach 72%. In fact, 48% of workers don’t even believe that traditional offices will exist by the year 2021! This means your company needs a cost effective, reliable, scaleable, and secure way to extend your telecommunications footprint beyond desks and offices — so that your team can be productive, efficient and successful at all times. That is where our mobile app for iOS and Android enters the picture!      Key Features Our mobile app puts the power of our advanced hosted VoIP phone system and Unified Calling (UC) features into the hands of your workers — wherever they are, whenever…