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7 Reasons Not to Buy Your Hosted VoIP Business Phone System from a Big Box Retailer

There are times when it makes sense to hop in the car and head to your nearest big box retailer, such as when your kids (read: you) want the latest PS4 or Xbox One video game, or when you need to pick up a flash drive to store pictures of your “bucket list” dream trip to Augusta National (wait until you get to the glorious  13th hole). However, there are also times when big box retailers don’t have the solution you need — in fact, they will add to your problems. And this is definitely the case with a hosted VoIP business phone system. Here are the 7 reasons why big box + hosted VoIP = massive regret. 1. The “expert” giving you advice and answers probably knows less about hosted VoIP than you do. Have you ever walked into…