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5 Reasons Why Hosted VoIP is the Future of Business Communication

While some younger readers may not believe this — in fact, they may be horrified by the idea — but there really was a time when there was no public internet. In fact, most people had never even heard of the word “internet.” The only folks who did were academics, who used it to send data back and forth (and play the occasional game of chess). And so, it’s not surprising to note that the internet (and the web) started to make its way into the mainstream, the vast majority of businesses thought it was little more than a passing fad that would only interest a small segment of the population. In fact, in 1994 Bill Gates proclaimed: “I see little commercial potential for the internet for the next 10 years.” Well, fast forward to today, and not only is…


5 Truths Your Landline Phone Company Won’t Tell You About Hosted VoIP

There are basically two ways to tell a lie. The first way, obviously, is not telling the truth. But the second way — which is less obvious yet just as deceitful — is to withhold the truth from someone who needs and is entitled to the full story. No, we’re not talking about how spouses eventually learn that it’s sometimes the better part of wisdom (and self-preservation) to keep their mouths shut. For example, answering the question “does this make me look fat?” with anything but a fast and firm “heavens no!” is asking for trouble. But we are talking about situations where important decisions are on the line — decisions like whether or not it’s in your business’s best interest to switch from your current landline phone system, to a hosted VoIP (a.k.a. cloud) phone system. First, the Bad…