How a VoIP Phone System Extends Your Business Hours

Today’s customers aren’t just demanding more solutions, better value and personalized support: they’re also insisting on getting answers, help and support when it fits their schedule. As Forbes notes: “Customers expect extended hours: 24/7 or as close as you can get.” 

Here are the key ways that an affordable, scaleable, and mobile VoIP phone system turns: “sorry, our office is closed, please call back during regular business hours” into: “hello and thank you for your call — how may I help you?” 

Get After-Hours Voicemails as Email Attachments

With a conventional landline phone system, employees typically pick-up after-hour voicemails the next business day — which can lead to frustrated customers and lost opportunities.

But with a VoIP phone system, voicemails can be automatically saved and sent as email attachments, which means they can be easily picked up anytime through any device: computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What’s more, businesses can set up email forwarding rules to distribute voicemails to more than one employee. For example, an after-hours voicemail sent to a member of the technical support team can be broadcast via email attachment to all members of the team, so that the first available person can respond. 

Forward Calls to External Numbers 

With a VoIP phone system, businesses can forward calls to external numbers, including landline home office phones and smartphones. And speaking of smartphones: for a more professional image and also for security, privacy and compliance reasons, outgoing calls from a smartphone show the business’s Caller ID, not the individual device owner’s Caller ID.

In addition, time-of-day routing rules can be customized based on multiple pre-set variables. For example, incoming calls to the mail sales line between 5pm and 8pm can be forwarded to a supervisor or manager’s smartphone, while calls from 8pm to 8am can be forwarded to a hosted contact center or answering service.  

The Bottom Line 

Obviously, not every business can (or should) have ‘round the clock responsiveness. But many businesses in both the B2B and B2C space need to extend their hours beyond the traditional 9-5 workday. That’s where a VoIP phone system enters the picture and makes a game changing difference!

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