Culture Statement

As a community based business our owners, managers and team members are committed to this culture statement as a team and an individuals.



I give myself and everything I commit to 100% until I succeed. I am committed to supporting my team members and their future success with I am always committed to making improvements in our process and the services we offer. I am committed to making sure every customer of knows I individually, and the entire company is committed to them in solving problems with their unified communications with tried and proved solutions that we offer.



I understand that Education of communications technology and the services we offer are a important factor in retaining customers and upselling them on more advanced features. As an educator of our services I will listen carefully to the needs of every client as if they were our only clients so that I can offer educated and informed recommendations to what will improve their unified communications.



I will give the utmost respect every employee of our company and recognize everyone has different talents that all make our company stronger together. I will give the utmost respect to my direct supervisor as he/she may have knowledge of aspects of the business that will provide overruling guidance to the success of our business. I will respect every customer (or potential customer) I deal with in that I will honor and respect their questions, their needs, and request promptly for they are why we exist as a company. The customer provides me an income to support me and my family.



As a team player I will always look after my teammates and support them in their role in our company and also in their personal life. I know my teammates need me as I will need them from time to time. I believe in Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”



I understand not just my personal Integrity is on the line but the entire company when I represent the company. I am the face of the company in the customer’s eyes and I will maintain the highest level of fairness in what I do, and how I present our values. I understand that a person with strong Integrity is one that is admired and has a moral compass that does not waver.



I believe that honesty is a person with good character, morals and knows “right” from “wrong”. I understand that being honest in my work place and with our customers is not just what I say, but how I act toward others. I believe honesty means more than not lying but as a member of our team being honest with others and myself are a priority in my dealings and never doing what is morally wrong.



As a member of a successful team I know the importance of taking ownership of tasks assigned to me and areas of the business I am responsible for. When I don’t take ownership and full responsibility of these tasks or areas of responsibility I am letting the team down. I know that my ownership of task and areas of the business allow me to help others complete their projects and further create harmony within the business.



I will spend every day enjoying what I do for the business and seek to find fun and enjoyment in what I do. When I find that I am not having fun with my responsibilities I will seek guidance of others to see what they do to experience enjoyment in the work they do.



I will every day express to others a breath of enthusiasm in that I know when I am enthusiastic in what I do it can be contagious and others will find joy and excitement in their daily work to achieve their personal goals, team goals and goals of the business.



I know that for me to achieve my personal goals in life as an individual, a member of my family, the community I must always have an attitude of being successful in my role as team player of the business. I will be driven to be successful in all my ventures with in the business and portray to others my desire to always be successful.



I understand that giving back to the non-profit community will show my commitment to helping these organizations which might otherwise no be able to take advantage of communications technology available to many other today. As a company commitment I want others to see my company as being generous and with this generosity I support our efforts to help select one non-profit organization to offer then voice services at a deeply discounted price.