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Tracking Hurricane Florence The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) upgraded Hurricane Florence to “Category 4” on Monday September 10. As of 2pm Eastern Time on Tuesday September 11, Florence was centered approximately 370 miles south-southwest of Bermuda, and 845 miles east-southeast of Cape Fear, North Carolina. The storm is moving west-northwest at about 17 miles per hour, and is packing maximum sustained winds of around 130 miles per hour. Through Saturday September 15, Florence is expected to produce 15-20 inches of rainfall, with accumulations of up to 30 inches near Florence’s track over portions of North Carolina, Virginia, and northern South Carolina through Saturday. THIS MASSIVE RAINFALL MAY LEAD TO LIFE-THREATENING FLASH FLOODING. Many businesses and schools have already made plans to close. Updated information is available at:  What We are Doing  We expect Florence to hit the Greensboro,…


Starting or Running a Franchise? 10 Reasons why Cloud Based Telephone Systems are a Smart Investment

A growing number of people are choosing to start a franchise — and for several good reasons: instead of launching a startup from scratch they can plug into an established brand, take advantage of training and support, benefit from their chain’s buying power, get financing help, and more. However, ask any hands-on franchise owner — and there are hundreds of thousands of them across the U.S. — whether being at the helm of a franchise is “easy money,” and they’ll burst out laughing. And then they’ll start crying. Possibly after that they’ll do both at the same time. Running a Franchise Can Be Rewarding — but Not Easy! Here’s why: compared to many other kinds of work — especially precarious employment, which is a scenario that an increasing number of younger workers are experiencing these days — running a franchise…