5 Scenarios That Confirm Your Business Needs a Hosted VoIP Contact Center ASAP

Hosted VoIP Contact CenterAre you on the fence whether your business needs a hosted VoIP contact center? Here are five scenarios that confirm it’s time to head to the cloud ASAP:

Scenario 1: Your staff is overwhelmed with customer calls.

There are two scenarios that can put a major dent in the bottom-line: not having enough sales and service calls, or having too many of them based on the number of available agents. If your staff is experiencing the latter, then switching to a hosted VoIP contact center lets you affordably add capacity, since overhead costs are a fraction of a conventional on-premise contact center.

Instead of your customers hearing a recording that says: “your call is important to us, please hold for the next available representative”, they’ll hear a live person say: “thank you for your call, how may I help you today?” And that makes ALL the difference between optimizing customer experience vs. losing customers to the competition.

Scenario 2: Your staff spends too much time on the phone with customers.

A hosted VoIP contact center gives you penetrating data-driven insights about whether your team is spending more time with customers than the marketplace or industry average, or if a sufficient number of matters are being resolved on the first call vs. multiple calls. This actionable intelligence will help you make strategic coaching, training and recruiting decisions. Ultimately, your staff will spend less time on the phone with each customer, yet those customers will be happier.

Scenario 3: You are planning on launching a new product or service.

If you are preparing to introduce a new (or enhanced) product or service, then establishing an affordable and scalable hosted VoIP contact center will ensure that you have the capacity to respond when — not if — phones start ringing off the hook. The alternative is to risk putting customers on hold, which is something that many of them will not do for more than a minute. In fact, many of them won’t even tolerate being on hold for a few seconds!

Scenario 4: Your competition is using a hosted VoIP contact center. 

As kids, we all remember what our parents told us when we wanted to get a new bike because one of our friends had one: “if your friend jumped off a cliff, would you as well?” That was good (albeit frustrating!) advice back then, but it is not applicable now — because if your competition is using a hosted VoIP contact center to drive sales and optimize customer experience, then you are at a major disadvantage and the gap will keep widening. The sooner you close it, the better.

Scenario 5: Your customer satisfaction rating is heading in the wrong direction. 

Despite spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on staff salaries and supplementing this cost with training and coaching, your customer satisfaction rating — as measured by NPS, number of repeat customers, number of referrals, online reviews, surveys, and other metrics — may be heading in the wrong direction: down instead of up. A hosted VoIP contact center has been proven to boost customer satisfaction, because customers reach their desired party/department quicker and avoid bouncing around from one agent to another. What’s more, your business can affordably provide sales and service support beyond the traditional 9-5 workday — which many customers find important and impressive.

If your business is experiencing any, some or perhaps all of the above scenarios, then it’s time for a hosted VoIP contact center! To learn more, call us today at (336) 544-4000 for your free demo, which we can deliver in-person at your location or over the web.