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4 Ways to Make Calls on a Cloud Telephone System

One of the most beneficial aspects of a cloud telephone system, is that employees and all other authorized system users (e.g. consultants, contractors, remote workers, etc.) can easily make calls in not just 1, but 4 different ways: IP Phone  An IP phone (sometimes called a VoIP phone) is designed for placing and transmitting calls over an IP network, instead of a conventional landline public switched telephone network (PSTN). Among the most popular, trusted and recommended IP phones are those in the Yealink T5 Media Phone series. Installing an IP phone is extremely simple. Simply turn them on, plug them in, and that’s all there is to it! customers don’t even have to this much, since our team gets everything set up and ready to use. Desktop or Laptop Computer Another convenient way to send and receive calls on…


Startups: Hit the Ground Running with a Cloud Telephone System

What do Apple, Amazon, Disney and Google have in common? Yes, they’re massive multinational enterprises that employ hundreds of thousands of people, including an army of accountants to keep track of their billions in annual revenues and profits. But there’s something else that these companies have in common that is the stuff of entrepreneurial legend: they were all born in a garage. If you’re at the helm of a dynamic new startup, it’s important to dream big. After all, if Apple, Amazon, Disney and Google can go from concept to unicorn, why not your company? Yet at the same time, it’s important — make that essential — to be down-to-earth about technology investments. And that’s where a cloud telephone system enters the picture. Here are the 5 core reasons why a growing number of startups in every sector and industry…


Why Hosted VoIP’s Live Call Transfer is a Game Changer for Sales Professionals

While a hosted VoIP phone system is significantly — and in many cases dramatically — less costly to operate than a conventional landline phone system, the benefits of switching are not just about the bottom line. Employees also get access to a wide range of enterprise-grade features, such as mobile calling, voicemail-to-email, auto attendant, and the list goes on. However, there is a key feature that some employees aren’t familiar with, but once it becomes part of their life they can’t imagine how they survived without it — especially if they work in a sales capacity: live call transfer.  The Old Days  To understand why live call transfer is such a game changer — and why many sales professionals put it on top of their “most loved feature” list — let’s look at how things (don’t) work with a conventional…