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voip business phone system

5 Questions to Ask Prospective VoIP Solutions Providers Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

As we have looked at previously, there are three categorically different types of VoIP business phone system companies in the marketplace: do-it-yourself mass market vendors, carrier service providers, and established VoIP Solutions Providers. Clearly, you want to partner with a VoIP Solutions Provider, and steer as clear as possible from the other types of companies — because your happiness, success, ROI and shortest path to value all depend on it. To help you make this critical choice — and filter out companies that are unworthy of your time from those that deserve your consideration — here are 5 questions to ask prospective VoIP Solutions Providers before you sign on the dotted line: Do you specialize in business VoIP phone systems? It’s vital that any vendor on your shortlist specializes in business VoIP phone systems. It cannot be something that they…


voip business phone systems

Understanding the 3 Different Types of VoIP Vendors

Businesses that want to take advantage of an innovate, state-of-the-art business VoIP phone system need to make important decisions such as what type of technology they need, how many users they want to support, what kind of features they want (e.g. video calling, IVR, etc.), whether to add certified IP phones, and so on. Obviously, these are critical issues and cannot be overlooked or neglected. However, before diving into the details, businesses need to take a step back and ask an even more fundamental question that, more than any other, determines whether their experience and investment will be rewarding vs. regrettable: what kind of VoIP vendor should we choose? At first glance, this question may seem strange or even irrelevant. After all, aren’t all VoIP vendors basically the same? The answer to that is a categorical, definitive NO. That’s because…


VoIP business phone systems

How VoIP Phone Systems Keep Businesses “On the Grid” 24/7/365

One of the most critical objectives for all businesses — regardless of whether they are dynamic new startups or large established enterprises — is business continuity. That’s because productivity grinds to a halt when workers cannot instantly connect and collaborate, and customers who fail to reach their desired party — or who do not receive a prompt callback after leaving a message — are likely to head to a more responsive competitor. Indeed, business continuity is not just an important priority: it is a mission critical objective. Fortunately, that’s where VoIP phone systems enter the picture and make a transformative difference. Below, we highlight the key reasons how VoIP phone systems ensure business continuity, and keep businesses “on the grid” 24/7/365: Automatic Network Aggregation Automatic network aggregation enables seamless failover in the event of a local power outage — both…