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How a Hosted VoIP Business Phone System Drives Business Agility

In the past, business agility was primarily viewed as a project management methodology in the software space (e.g. “agile development”). The essential idea that instead of working in a structured way towards a clearly defined objective or outcome, teams would collaborate, self-organize, iterate and adapt to meet emerging needs and developments. However, these days business agility is not just a project management methodology. It is a paradigm and an approach to all kinds of work, because being flexible and adapting to change is not just important for success, but it is critical for survival. And that is where a hosted VoIP phone system enters the picture. Here are 5 key ways that a hosted VoIP business phone system drives business agility, and helps businesses of all sizes — from small firms to large enterprises — strategically respond vs. frantically react…


How a Hosted VoIP Phone System is a Future-Proof Investment

square grunge red obsolete stampIt is an all-too-familiar situation: businesses make a major investment in a new phone system, only to discover a few years later that it is obsolete, or is heading fast in that direction. As a result, businesses must choose between two very undesirable options: they either settle for an outdated phone system that cannot support their needs, or they spend tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new system — and run the risk of repeating the cycle all over again in a few years. Fortunately, there is a practical and proven way to solve this common and very costly problem: avoid it completely by deploying a hosted VoIP business phone system that is fundamentally and inherently future-proofed. Here are the 3 key reasons why:  1. No PBX Replacement Costs With conventional phone systems,…


Before You Sign on the Dotted Line: 5 Critical Questions to Ask a Potential Hosted VoIP Phone System Vendor

So, your business has researched and identified the key must-have features you need from a new hosted VoIP phone system, such as voicemail-to-email, live call transfer, mobile calling, auto attendant, custom hold music — and the list goes on. In addition, your employees are buzzing about getting a great new phone system that will make their jobs easier and more effective. Even the folks who aren’t all that thrilled about any kind of new technology are getting excited. On top of all this, you have crunched the numbers — a few times — and verified that switching to a hosted VoIP phone system will save you thousands of dollars each year, plus give you the freedom and flexibility to scale and grow. And so, you’re all set to sign on the dotted line and make your glorious new hosted VoIP…