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live call monitoring hosted voip phone system

What are the Benefits of Live Call Monitoring with a Hosted VoIP Phone System?

If you ask employees why they love their hosted VoIP phone system and would sooner call in sick or stage a sit-in before going back to a conventional landline system, they’ll usually focus on features, features and yet more features. Indeed, whether they’re using video conferencing to connect face-to-face with colleagues, getting voicemails and faxes delivered to their inbox, creating customized auto-attendant greetings — and the list goes on — the biggest complaint that employees have about a hosted VoIP phone system is that they didn’t get one sooner. At the same time, supervisors are also big hosted VoIP phone system fans thanks to a innovative feature called Live Call Monitoring. What is Live Call Monitoring? As the term suggests, Live Call Monitoring is a feature that allows supervisors (as well as managers, mentors, or any other authorized hosted VoIP…


The Near Future of VoIP industries with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The VoIP industry took its baby steps in the early 2000s. And since then it is expanding and growing to become bigger and more competitive market. The predicted growth of this ever developing industry is 9.8 in the subsequent four years. The communication industry witnessed the rapid advances in the VoIP technology within the span of few years and therefore has become the most prominent industry in giving seamless services. In past few months and years, we have seen many collaborations of VoIP companies as the consequence of the increasing demands of the VoIP services by the individuals and businesses as well. To improve the services and VoIP solutions, various companies now endeavor to practice Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their VoIP systems.  VoIP services providers now look up to AI to automatically improve their Quality of Service (QoS) problems which…

0 comments Helps Nonprofits Improve Operations, Lower Costs & Move Ahead

Leading hosted telecommunications firm has concluded a multi-phase VoIP phone system implementation for nonprofit organizations in the Greensboro, NC area, including: Habitat for Humanity of Greater Greensboro (both main office and ReStore outlet), Housing Consultants Group (multiple locations), Greensboro Housing Coalition, and Community Housing Solutions, respectively. The project, which commenced in late 2017, involved moving the aforementioned nonprofit organizations into a new shared location that had been renovated with a modernized internet and telecommunications infrastructure.’s in-house team of experts installed 64 seats, 6 fax bridges and 2 sidecars, which are auto-attendant extensions that enhances VoIP phone system functionality and usability. The team also provided on-site testing and end user training, and continues to provide responsive on-demand support. As a result of the new hosted VoIP phone system, each respective nonprofit organization has: Significantly reduced monthly telecommunications costs compared to their previous conventional phone system. Greatly improved connectivity internally and between organizations…